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Digital student workbook download - Artists of the world (with free lesson plans)

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“Art is all about visual cues and nothing can be more fun than a flash card quiz to build confidence, association and recall. My child and I have had hours of learning, loads of laughs and plenty of lost bets!”   --- Parent

Digital download of 28-page student workbook for enrichment learning. Part of Dibs on learning Artists of the world enrichment kit. 

Comes with FREE download of 24-page group lesson plan AND 4-page home learning lesson plan. 

Together, the student workbook and lesson plans can be used for instruction by parents, guardians and caregivers at home or at school. Several hours of learning.  

The workbook is designed to introduce 6 world famous artists, through facts, puzzles, activities, questions and clues. Through the workbook, your child will appreciate art, recognize the work of top artists and enjoy the fun quizzes. Workbook and lesson plans cover Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, Michelangelo, Picasso and Warhol.  

Recommended for ages 6-10 years or students in Grades 2-5
Each workbook has original and curated materials for 1 student, and includes:
  • 28 pages of fun exercises, puzzles and artist information sheets (A4 size)
  • Internet links for additional multimedia content, specifically curated for this program, on our website
  • 1 certificate of achievement (included in the workbook)
  • 6 fact sheets about the artists (included in the workbook)

This download only comes covers workbook and lesson plans. If you require printed copies and all the art materials for hands on activities, then please consider purchasing Artists of the world home enrichment kit.

For more fun, consider purchase of digital download or printed flashcards. Each set of 5 downloadable flashcards cover one of six artists. All 30 flashcards contain questions and clues with three different levels of difficulty (4 x 6 inches size), 90 questions with three different levels of difficulty and over 70 clues to make learning fun. Order your digital copy of flashcards here. Order your printed flashcards here.

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Downloaded file use is bound by copyright protection. NOT for commercial copying, use or re-sale. For personal and class-room use only.