About Us

Who are we?About us Kim and Rian

Hi, I am Kamal, the co-founder of Dibs on Learning. I am mother to a 9-year old boy Rian.  Our child was born and educated in the UK. We decided 5 years ago to move to the US and our child has been to a Montessori, public, private and now a gifted school, and across all of these I discovered that should one wish to enrich or supplement his education, it takes time, effort and a pot load of money!

So, what’s unique about Dibs on Learning?

Our content designers create complete "experiential" learning kits focused on enrichment topics that can be used in school and at home. It is our mission to produce enrichment content and to make learning kits available to schools, summer workshops, before/after care - at school/ home, homeschoolers, study groups, care providers, au pairs and the like, to make enrichment learning accessible to as many children as is possible. 

We conducted research with over 100 educators, teachers and parents across the country to produce our first enrichment kit - “The Artists of the World”. The idea was simple, each pack comes with detailed lesson plans, workbooks and all the materials required for activities. So, the teacher / instructor/ parents do not need to spend time or energy or additional money buying materials, finding interesting assignments or printing. Instead, they spend it doing what they do best - teach! 

We know that its not straightforward to create interactive, engaging and hands-on learning content - because we spent hundreds of hours developing (and curating) original content for our workbooks and aligning it with multimedia links and games for added fun. Based on feedback from educators, we designed the workbooks in a way that allowed for "individual expression for each student” and delivered on our three step approach of "explore-engage-elevate". The gamification of the topic/ theory keeps the subject both interesting and fun. The exercises help reiterate that learning. All our kits end with a celebratory certification to mark the accomplishment. We hope we can keep pace with the requests that are pouring in - from science to languages, arts to geography - we will continue developing fun topics for Pre K to Grade 8 and keep our kits affordable and accessible.  

Inspiration for Dibs on Learning

We realize that learning today for kids, typically means screen time or homework - the topics at school are often basic, not inspiring enough and rather boring. The kids generally don’t have a common-sensical understanding of key concepts, exposure to the world affairs, experience of presenting, sharing or enrichment, which when done right, research shows, helps them think, retain, improvise and apply learnings for a lifetime.

I am acutely aware of the benefits of enrichment through personal experience and realize that not many parents can do it at home, access it or even afford it for their kids, who are willing to learn and sponge it all in! So, my mission is to make enrichment learning accessible to as many children as is possible.

How can you participate in the learning fun?

We have kept it simple for teachers/ instructors/ parents to participate in this journey with us - there are no subscriptions, no contracts and no commitments.  We offer easy online ordering, through our website (www.dibsonlearning.com). In addition, we offer teaching support for our kits through email and our website for help and feedback. 

Our kits our priced competitively and delivered within 2-3 days of your online order. We offer free ground shipping within US. For international orders, the time and cost of shipping will vary based on location. 


We realize that inspite of making our kits affordable, there will be schools that may not be able to afford them. We have also created a “Right to Learn” philanthropy program. 5% of revenue from every new kit we sell is contributed to our philanthropy fund, which is used to provide new kits to schools that are unable to afford them. We also run a “refurbish” program to share used/ returned/ older edition kits with schools that are unable to buy our kits. You can learn more about the program and sign your school up on our Philanthropy page.


Dibs on Learning, LLC:


Develop easy-to-use, experiential and high-quality lessons to be used by teachers and parents around the world


Innovate global classroom and home education for elementary, middle and high-school children:

a) develop unique teaching approaches based on experiential, individual and group learning;

b) build a team of creative individuals who are motivated to elevate the standard of learning for children around the world;

c) support children-focused global philanthropic projects

Come join me in this journey to fulfill this mission. Get in touch at ideas@dibsonlearning.com