Information for schools

Dibs on Learning kits can help to differentiate your school and offer additional revenue sources.

Your current instructors can deliver enrichment programs using our complete group learning kits. A structured enrichment learning program can differentiate your school.

Typical 8-10 hour enrichment programs cost upwards of $400. With our "Artists of the world" group kit priced at $89 for 6 students, you can deliver an enrichment program at a cost of $15 per child for 10+ hours of learning. This can be an ongoing source of revenue for your institution, together with after-school enrichment learning for your students.

Learn more about our kits and the benefits to your school by downloading our corporate presentation and informational brochure.

Click here to download our corporate presentation.

Click here to download our informational brochure.

For any other questions, and to enquire about introducing our kits in your school, please send us an email at