At Dibs on Learning, our mission is to develop easy-to-use, experiential and high-quality lessons to be used by teachers and parents around the world. In line with our mission, we run a Philanthropy program to make our kits accessible to children who may not be able to afford them.

We run Philanthropy through our “Right to Learn” program. We believe that every school that is interested to introduce our kits to their students should be able to do so, whether or not they can afford to buy our kits. Here’s how our program works:

Schools that cannot afford to buy our new kits, but are interested in using the kits in their school, can fill out a simple form and sign up for our “Right to Learn” program.

For every new kit that we sell, we put aside 5% of sale price into the “Right to Learn” fund. That fund is then used to supply new kits at no cost to the schools that have signed up for our “Right to Learn” program

If your school is unable to afford the "Group learning pack" kits and you are interested in signing up for the "Right to Learn" program, please fill out a simple form using the link below:

Click here or copy-paste the address in your browser

In addition, we also get returns of used kits from our customers as part of the “Refurbish and Donate” program. We refurbish the kits received from customers and supply these kits at no cost to the schools that have signed up for “Right to Learn” program