Complete experiential learning kits for after-school, pre-school & summer programs. Pre-K to 8. Each kit comes with 10+ hours enrichment learning and can be used in groups or individually at home (with parents or care-providers). Hours of hands-on learning and fun on topics that supplement common core. Each kit has original and curated content put together based on hours of expert research and discussion.

Using the “Learning Triangle” approach:

Students ‘EXPLORE’ at their pace - they listen, discover and learn through multimedia formats. Our kits include individual student workbooks, detailed lesson plans, fact sheets and instructions to access additional content on the internet. 

Students ‘ENGAGE’ via activities, projects and hands-on experiences, both indoors and outdoors, that facilitates individual and shared learning. All workbook activities are aligned with the lesson plan and course structure to reinforce the learning, every step of the way.

Students ‘ELEVATE’ to get a deeper understanding of the topic(s). They work in teams (or individually with their parent) to collaborate, bounce off their opinions and share their work. They apply newly learned concepts to build their confidence and interpersonal skills. 

Benefits to teachers: 

a) Get best-in-class lesson plans, student activity instructions and workbooks for several topics;

b) Use teaching approaches that build student confidence and increase their interest in class for a higher quality of learning;

c) Save time in preparing lessons and collating materials.

Benefits to students:

a) Get high-quality lessons designed by learning experts;

b) Enjoy gamification and group activities to make the lesson more interesting and to build confidence;

c) Gain knowledge on topics that supplement core curriculum - learn about the world and ignite your curiosity.

Benefits to School administration:

a) Enhance your after-school program by offering structured learning;

b) Easy-to-use learning materials can be delivered by Instructors with limited teacher training or experience;

c) Adopt innovative learning for your students to raise their interest and build their confidence.

Benefits to Parents:

a) Increase your child’s engagement through gamification and activities;

b) Get access to enrichment learning that involves hands-on activities to build confidence;

c) As a home-schooler, get easy-to-use complete materials on different core and enrichment topics.